Architecture and Enignireeing Designs

RAI Consult has deep roots in Architecture and Engineering. Our founders and key staff are highly qualified in the fields of Planning, Architecture Design, Structural Design, Electrical Design, Mechanical Design, Interior Design, Management & Supervision, Rehabilitation & Maintenance, Quality Control, and Quality Assurance

Construction Supervision

RAI Brilliantly and sufficiently undertakes all supervision tasks. RAI Completes construction projects by planning, organizing, and controlling projects; completing quality inspections; supervising sub-contractors and staff, with a wide range of skills, in Which RAI Communicates Effectively, Demonstrates technical expertise, Responsible, Possess leadership abilities, organized, promotes key values, furthermore, RAI has wide experience in Project Management, Quality Management, , Managing Profitability, Delegation, Supply Management, ADA Requirements, Civil Project Management, Estimating, Attention to Detail, Quality Focus

Planning & Development

Strategic Planning Planning Management Financial Management, Institutional Development Capacity Building Needs Analysis Evaluation Business Development SMEs Management Feasibility Studies

SMEs Development

SMEs Management Feasibility Studies Products Analysis Consumption Surveys Trade Advises Process Management

Relief & Emergency

Providing technical and administrative support for local and international relief agencies Needs Assessment Fund Raising Proposals Manage Implementation Monitoring & Evaluation